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Clean, Friendly & Diverse Community Living


About Us

Ever dreamed of living in a peaceful community that offers a wide range of amenities to all its members? Situated about 18 miles north east from downtown New Orleans, our beautiful community is a great option if you’re looking for a dynamic yet calm lifestyle.

At Cypress Lakes of Oak Harbor, our homeowners pride themselves on being a clean, friendly, diverse and welcoming community.  We go the extra mile to maintain our community’s high standard of living.  Cypress Lakes has multiple home-sites available.  Contact your local real estate agent or Cypress Lakes Property Owners Association for more information on our beautiful community. 




GNO Property Manager Change

MAY 2019

Joy Neely is no longer the GNO property manager for Oak Harbor.  The Oak Harbor property manager is now DJ Audibert.  DJ can be reached at 504-528-7028 or dj@gnoproperty.com.


New Flood Lighting

MAY 2019

New flood lighting has been installed at the entrance and exit gates at our Cypress Lakes monument sign.


Cypress Lakes of Oak Harbor